Joewell New Cobalt 4,5
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Frisörsax Joewell New Cobalt 4,5

Kobolt sax från japanska Joewell, saxen har en mycket lång livslängd och håller skärpan längre än vanliga saxar.

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local_shipping Fi frakt på order över 1500kr

Scissors in a special Cobalt base alloy, which is
a significantly more wear resistant material that
offer a better edge for a longer time. These are
best suited for dry cut but will also work perfectly
for blunt, stroke and slide cut.

Benefits: Long life, less need for sharpening
Material: Cobalt base alloy, nickel-less (under 0,6%)

Design features
»» Symmetric handle
»» Precision flat screw
»» Removable finger rest
»» Regular sized finger holes

»» Joewell scissor oil
»» Finger rings

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